Wednesday 26th January
Allison Russell & Alas de Liona
St Luke’s, Glasgow.

Alas performs at Celtic Connections 2022 and comments “I am beyond excited to announce my debut at Celtic Connections, opening for the incredible Allison Russell in January, 2022!”

NEWS : 1st JUNE 2021
BBC Radio Scotland Roddy Hart Show me-in-3 1st June

1.21 – Roddy intro
1.32 – Alas discusses song selection
1.38 –  Roddy outro

NEWS : 2nd JUNE 2021

Musically innovative and authentic, offering diverse sounds. Alas’ lyrics demonstrate her ability to write amazing poetry.


NEWS : 15th JUNE 2021

It took a second (and third) time coming back at this song before I felt like I’d given it a proper airing and any song that evokes ‘Song To The Siren’ by This Mortal Coil deserves that much. Though it is subtle there is a nuclear level of power/energy/passion in its loins and that is down to this Edinburgh based artist who reminds us all of the inherent power of the art of singing when done correctly. 


NEWS : 20th JUNE 2021

Its cosmic component is the universe of Alas de Liona and we want now to fly over 5 new planets of its galaxy and stop at each. Her character is gentle, bright and pure as the soul of a medieval princess.

NEWS : 20th JUNE 2021

With her music she creates a wonderful and harmonious indie folk sound that is definitely touching. As mentioned above, the focus is clearly on the fantastic lead voice: clearly defined, precise to the tone, full of feeling and with a gentle vibrato at the end. The incredibly large tonal range is also remarkable.

NEWS : 25th JUNE 2021
WEAREYMX- In Conversation

The track delicately holds a broken heart that’s only protected by the notes of the melody, and its fragility is ever-present and palpable in every breath Alas de Liona takes as she delivers a stunning performance.  Alas de Liona is a talented master of weaving unique lyrics with innovative and ethereal melodies, creating a surreal but familiar experience when she unites these two elements in her music. 

NEWS : 25th JUNE 2021
Less Than A 1,000 Followers – Female Rising Stars

NEWS : 26th JUNE 2021

Modesty is a rare and precious quality, a golden facet that can sometimes be misconstrued for meekness; Alas de Liona is the antithesis. With harmonies that could melt an iceberg, this latest endowment finds itself in a familiar territory to the rest of the glistening EP; flowing with a grace as soothing as a soft summers evening.


NEWS : 1st July 2021

With names like Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus, indie folk has established itself as one of the most interesting genres of alternative music in recent years. Adding another great name to this group of artists, Alas de Liona, a name that should be kept in memory and not let go unnoticed.


NEWS : 17th July 2021

Liona instantly sets her dreamy, abstract tone with lyrics like ‘Greetings from Mercury, there must be air up there.’ She expresses her discomfort with a mundane life on Earth – ‘I’m an imitator’ – and turns her eyes skyward in search of escape and higher things. ‘Dream a cosmic dream, the universe begins’, she sighs in her pure, breathless vocals. Her sweet, rising and falling melodies also show off a nice vocal range, with a touch of Kate Bush in there


NEWS : 18th July 2021

Alas de Liona’s songs are exquisite color of eloquent melodies and gentle core oscillations.

NEWS : 18th July 2021

Pages allows the listener to grasp at the intangible, while inspirational lyrics push for introspective drive and change within. Captivating chord changes with Phoebe Bridgers style vocals- delightful.


NEWS : 18th July 2021

It’s a fantastically sung, cinematically composed and remarkably romantic love song that’s the perfect combination of cheesy and passionate. The entirety of Radio Astronomy EP is replete with more wonderful tracks from Alas, an artist I am dying to hear more from.


NEWS : 21st July 2021

It’s a fantastically sung, cinematically composed and remarkably romantic love song that’s the perfect combination of cheesy and passionate. The entirety of Radio Astronomy EP is replete with more wonderful tracks from Alas, an artist I am dying to hear more from.


NEWS : 28th July 2021

The talent of this singer-songwriter is absolutely divine


NEWS : 29th July 2021

It cannot be overstated in the slightest as to just how beautiful and serene Radio Astronomy is. Sincerely, this needs to be the next piece of music you listen to in your lives.


NEWS : 29th July 2021

Alas de Liona imposes herself with ease and takes you into a universe that shines with her talent.


NEWS : 10th AUGUST 2021
Record the Resonanace

This song is breathtakingly beautiful and emotionally driven, but with an unmistakable and almost regal serenity that makes you feel as if you’ve peered into the world of a heart broken queen. 


NEWS : 17th AUGUST 2021
Pillar Artists

A thoroughly superb song that will win Alas de Liona many new fans worldwide as she continues on her upward trajectory.


Nexus Music Blog

The voice of an angel and the poignancy of a poet.


NEWS : 15th SEPTEMBER 2021

Her vocals are up there with the great


NEWS : 18th OCTOBER 2021
Lost In The Manor

An artist who has an incredible talent and her timbre of voice is something beautiful


NEWS : 31st OCTOBER 2021

Indie pop influenced instrumental and melodies are creatively charming, super intriguing and romantic.

release news

Radio Astronomy EP –Track 1 – As Diamonds 5th February release

Radio Astronomy EP – Release dates
05/02 – As Diamonds (5.24)
05/03 – Quakes (3.35)
02/04 – Cascade (3.41)
30/4 – Pages (2.51)
28/5 – Planetarium (4.30)

Recorded at Post Electric Studios, Leith, Edinburgh.
Produced and mixed by Rod Jones
Rod Jones – Electric Guitars
George Burns – Acoustic Guitar
Gus Harrower – Keyboards
Andrew Turnbull – Drums


About Quakes

About Quakes

I wrote Quakes at around 3 a.m. in the oppressive heat of a desert summer. We had just experienced some violent shaking, 7.1 magnitude shaking to be exact, and the seemingly endless aftershocks gave a sense of perpetual vertigo or slight drunkenness. I had limited...

Hi friends and welcome to my little slice of the internet

Hi friends and welcome to my little slice of the internet

As we all know, 2020 was an exhausting year. Somehow, in all this chaos, we were able to record my new EP-- a collection of what we’ve come to think of as space lullabies and cosmic folktales. It’s called Radio Astronomy and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. I’m so...

Radio Astronomy EP


 Listen here

Visit youtube channel, here 


Lightning and Fire is Alas de Liona’s debut album, crowdfunded and released to a small but loyal following in 2017.

It features eleven of de Liona’s original songs recorded and produced by Bobby Steele in a home studio in the Mojave desert.

A heavily folk-influenced work, Lightning and Fire features Steve Hill playing lap steel and mandolin. Trumpet and piano provided by Brian Cosner lend mournful and occasionally bluesy notes to the album’s melodic songs.

Alas de Liona’s upcoming EP, Radio Astronomy, marks a transition away from Lightning and Fire’s elements of moody Americana. It is a mellow, spacey indie-pop venture, recorded in Edinburgh at Post Electric Studio and Produced by Rod Jones.

Listen to Lightning & Fire




Radio Astronomy EP available now on limited edition CD & Digital Download



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Alas de Liona – Bio August 21

Alas de Liona hails from a small town in the Mojave Desert. Echoing a vocal lineage from Joni Mitchell to Phoebe Bridgers, and with a dreamlike song writing sensibility, she weaves unique lyrical and melodic experiences.

Her final year at University of California, Santa Barbara saw her head to Edinburgh in Autumn 2019, to complete her course at University of Edinburgh.

During her stay in the city, she began to make a name for herself performing in pubs. Covid-19 lockdowns and the complete halt of all live music forced a shift in focus from live performing to writing and recording new music.

After graduation and free from the demands of academia, Alas took her first steps toward fulfilling her musical aspirations, returning to Edinburgh late in 2020 to record the Radio Astronomy EP with producer Rod Jones (Idlewild) at Post Eelectric in Leith, Edinburgh.

Currently back in California, Alas will on 7th August record a live video session from the Desert Empire Fairground in her hometown.

She will be heading back to Edinburgh in the autumn to resume live performances and record an album of 11 new songs, Gravity of Gold.


OUT OF THE BEDROOM REVIEW Live at Woodland Creatures, Edinburgh
28th November 2019

Alas de Liona: ‘Make Believe Yourself To Me’ – bam! Straight into the song, no intro – and on her debut too! Picked beautifully and a voice that shone wonderfully. A dense, poetic lyric with a powerful riff underpinning. Powerful music: “confess all your guilt to me”. ‘Two Minutes To Midnight’ – a more uptempo number, strummed, this was again quite heavy and dense. The voice was pure, with an edge and much variation. Amazing. ‘Take Me’ – her fierce intelligence came through again on this one. This was one of the best and most professional debuts of anyone at Out of the Bedroom on this year, or any other year. Clearly Alas had done this before and we need to hear her back at OOTB again very soon.

Alas De Liona by Gaelle Beri Web

All photos by Gaelle Beri

Alas De Liona
Alas De Liona

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