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Lightning and Fire is Alas de Liona’s debut album, crowdfunded and released to a small but loyal following in 2017.

It features eleven of de Liona’s original songs recorded and produced by Bobby Steele in a home studio in the Mojave desert.

A heavily folk-influenced work, Lightning and Fire features Steve Hill playing lap steel and mandolin. Trumpet and piano provided by Brian Cosner lend mournful and occasionally bluesy notes to the album’s melodic songs.

Alas de Liona’s upcoming EP, Radio Astronomy, marks a transition away from Lightning and Fire’s elements of moody Americana. It is a mellow, spacey indie-pop venture, recorded in Edinburgh at Post Electric Studio and Produced by Rod Jones.

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As Diamonds Cover
As Diamonds Cover

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Radio Astronomy EP –Track 1 – As Diamonds 5th February release

Radio Astronomy EP – Release dates
05/02 – As Diamonds (5.24)
05/03 – Quakes (3.35)
02/04 – Cascade (3.41)
30/4 – Pages (2.51)
28/5 – Planetarium (4.30)

Recorded at Post Electric Studios, Leith, Edinburgh.
Produced and mixed by Rod Jones
Rod Jones – Electric Guitars
George Burns – Acoustic Guitar
Gus Harrower – Keyboards
Andrew Turnbull – Drums


About Quakes

About Quakes

I wrote Quakes at around 3 a.m. in the oppressive heat of a desert summer. We had just experienced some violent shaking, 7.1 magnitude shaking to be exact, and the seemingly endless aftershocks gave a sense of perpetual vertigo or slight drunkenness. I had limited...

Hi friends and welcome to my little slice of the internet

Hi friends and welcome to my little slice of the internet

As we all know, 2020 was an exhausting year. Somehow, in all this chaos, we were able to record my new EP-- a collection of what we’ve come to think of as space lullabies and cosmic folktales. It’s called Radio Astronomy and I can’t wait for you all to hear it. I’m so...


Alas de Liona February 2021

Alas de Liona hails from a small town in the Mojave Desert and her final year at UC Santa Barbara saw her head to Edinburgh in Autumn 2019, to complete the course there.

Having originally studied religious history and folklore at college, she had an instant affinity with the city’s striking architecture and artistic lineage.

During her stay, her main passion for songwriting and performing saw her starting to make a name for herself performing in Edinburgh pubs before the pandemic closed all venues.

Her haunting vocals, often compared to the likes of Joni Mitchell and Phoebe Bridgers, are woven through lyrically complex, rich imaginal soundscapes.

Finally, free from the rigour of academia, Alas is now fulfilling her musical aspirations, recording Radio Astronomy EP in December 2020 with producer Rod Jones (Idlewild) at Post Electric Studios, Leith, Edinburgh.


OUT OF THE BEDROOM REVIEW Live at Woodland Creatures, Edinburgh
28th November 2019

Alas de Liona: ‘Make Believe Yourself To Me’ – bam! Straight into the song, no intro – and on her debut too! Picked beautifully and a voice that shone wonderfully. A dense, poetic lyric with a powerful riff underpinning. Powerful music: “confess all your guilt to me”. ‘Two Minutes To Midnight’ – a more uptempo number, strummed, this was again quite heavy and dense. The voice was pure, with an edge and much variation. Amazing. ‘Take Me’ – her fierce intelligence came through again on this one. This was one of the best and most professional debuts of anyone at Out of the Bedroom on this year, or any other year. Clearly Alas had done this before and we need to hear her back at OOTB again very soon.

Alas De Liona by Gaelle Beri Web
Alas De Liona
Alas De Liona

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